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Building Thermography

Air leaks can be very difficult to locate as air movement cannot be seen with the naked eye. One of our main strategies is using an Infrared camera to visualize air movement between areas with temperature difference. When used in conjunction with the blower door which enhances the leak we are often times able to quickly locate and repair problem areas in your home where hot, humid, and sometimes contaminated air is leaking into the conditioned envelope of the home in the summer months and cold air during the winter. 

Other techniques that we may deploy in the search for air leaks is fog machines and smoke pens to help isolate exactly where a leak is occurring. Using thermography in your home also helps us identify hidden moisture in your home that can lead to mold and mildew issues. 

The last technique which is useful in identifying small leaks is using the blower door in conjunction with a pressure pan which allows us to see areas like though around light switches, outlets, and other small penetrations in the wall that is allowing air escape. 

When we are able to identify and correct these issues we can create a much healthier and comfortable environment where we can bring on carefully regulated clean and dehumidified air rather than the hot, humid, and often contaminated air from attics and open spaces from under the house. 

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