Preventative Maintenance







Maintaining your HVAC system can help keep your home comfortable all year long and add years of life to your existing system. Simple repairs and maintenance can often save you money in reduced energy usage and avoiding major repairs or replacement. Inspections will be conducted twice annually usually in the spring before cooling season and the fall prior to heating season. 

A service check includes:

  • Checking and replacing air filters

  • Test Electrical Connections to ensure safe operations. 

  • Testing key electrical parts to ensure they are operating as designed. 

  • Lubricate moving parts

  • Inspecting, testing, and clearing drains as needed

  • Cleaning Evaporator and Condenser coils as needed

  • Checking refrigerant levels to ensure optimized performance. 

  • Address Air Flow issues

  • Gas furnaces will be evaluated for safe operation.

What Members Get:
  • A 20-point precision cooling tune-up

  • A 20-point precision heating tune-up 

  • $100 off a system purchase accrual each year, per system!*

  • Refrigerant Discount.

  • Discount on repairs.

  • Waived Service Call fee

  • Early bird service calls

  • A transferable agreement to new home owners. 

*$500 maximum per system; systems must accrue individually with no lapse in coverage. 

Inspection Plans 

1 System $37.35/quarter

2 System $63.75/quarter

3 System $85.00/quarter