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Indoor Air Quality

Performance Air Conditioning of Texas is the Best HVAC Contractor in Waxahachie, Ellis County TX to deal with your air quality issues. Do you find yourself sneezing, coughing, having a scratchy throat or runny nose. Maybe someone in your home has been having increased asthma symptoms. Are you concerned about viruses, mold, and bacteria? Most companies just don't have the full capabilities to address air quality. HVAC contractors may have a couple of products that may or may not help. Cleaning companies may offer duct cleaning but cannot address the other issues that need to be addressed. Performance Air Conditioning of Texas has everything at their disposal to test and address Indoor Air Quality issues. This means that through a detailed site survey and air quality testing we are able to develop a plan to address your air quality issue in your home or business. 

The first step is to test and measure the air quality in your home. This will often times be done in conjunction with envelope and duct testing to identify the source of the problem. Once a complete analysis is completed we will be able to make recommendations based on our findings. 

Click here to start your homes indoor air quality assessmentWe will then contact you to schedule your free in home assessment. 
Sealing and balancing your home

One important step to correcting air quality issues is sealing the unintended pentrations into the home and bringing in carefully cleaned and balanced air. By doing this we are able to control the air entering your space to air that is fresh, highly filtered, and properly controlled to prevent introduction of mold and allergens. 

Air Duct Cleaning

When indicated we offer air duct cleaning and sanitization. We have seen times when the ducts in a home become heavily contaminated and need to be cleaned and sanitized. to create a clean path for air to travel throughout your home. 

Filtration and Ventilation

One of the most effective methods for managing indoor air quality is setting up your home with adequate ventilation and filtration. It is more than just putting a better filter on your furnace or air handler. At Performance Air Conditioning of Texas we will assess the airflow velocity through the return duct system. If the velocity is too fast then the filters just won't produce what they promise. This is one example of why you want an experienced contractor that specializes in producing better air quality in your home or business. 

We can also evaluate and provide solutions for bringing in conditioned and highly filtered fresh air that will have breathing with ease. Some of the options we can deploy in your home is Enthalpy Recovery Ventilators which is constantly removing stale air from the more contaminated spaces like bathrooms, and kitchens and bringing in outside air that is highly filtered, has humidity controlled, and conditioned so your are not bringing in either extremely hot or cold air that is fighting agianst your homes HVAC system. 

Humidity Control

The humidity in your home has as much to do with comfort as does the temperature. Properly controlling humidity not only makes you more comfortable but it also keeps you breathing better. By keeping the humidity in a tight range you also reduce the likelihood of transmitting viruses and bacteria between family members or co-workers. Humidity control also helps the wood and furniture in your home to last longer. We offer an entire line of both humidifiers for the cold months and dehumidifiers for the warmer months to perfectly control the moisture levels in your home. 

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