Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is a lot more than putting in a better filter or UV light.  Performance Air Conditioning of Texas can evaluate your home to look for water damage, mold, poor insulation or really tight insulation without the managing fresh air intake or issues with chemicals or other VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), and uncontrolled humidity.  


We use a combination of a home walk through inspection, prearrival interview and health assessment, thermal imaging cameras, and air quality with meters that look at temperature, humidity, and particle count in the air that are smaller than the human eye can see. 


Once we are done with the inspection and data collection phase, we will analyze all the information that we have gathered and develop a plan for remediation.  Remediation can often entail involving other trades such as plumbers, general contractors, and insulation specialist which we can manage the process for you. 


Some of the solutions we can offer are better humidity control with whole home dehumidifiers. High MERV air filtration with our Aprilaire ® filtration system. Highly filtered fresh air intake either through your homes air conditioning system, a whole house dehumidifier, or a sperate ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) system. We even offer Respicaire ® products that actively reduce or eliminate molds, Virus, bacteria, microbes, odors, and common household VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds) which in today’s world should be in every home. 


Click the links below to learn more about what our professionally installed Respicaire ® products can do for you. 


We serve Waxahachie TX, Midlothian, Ennis TX, Red Oak TX, Maypearl TX to name a few. Our coverage extends throughout Ellis County, Johnson, and even most of Dallas county. 

To start your homes indoor air quality assessment, click the air quality assessment link below to start the survey. We will then schedule an in home visit. Click below for a safe and healthy home.