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Performance Air Conditioning of Texas - Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor.

Performance Air Conditioning of Texas located in Waxahachie, Ellis County TX holds the premier title of Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. So what does this mean for you as the home owner? It means you will receive the best prices for the best ductless units on the market. It also means that our technicians are trained by Mitsubishi to provide Top Quality installations and service to your valuable investment in home comfort. 

Why go ductless? Ductless units offer the most energy efficient units available today. In fact going ductless can save you close to 50% off your electric bill for heating and cooling your home. Because of their inverter technology and lack of ducts they supply just the amount of air conditioning needed in the space you are heating or cooling. 

The other advantage to switching to a Mitsubishi Ductless unit is that you have true zone control. This means you can have the exact temperature and humidity that you desire in each room. Yes, your grandmother can cool her room to 77 degrees, the kids 72 degrees, and you can sleep at the perfect 70 degree temperature that you like. Save money and enjoy perfect comfort by scheduling an appointment today. 

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