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​Gold Plan​​

  • 24/7/365 System monitoring You get alerts before your house is uncomfortable. * **

  • $500 off the purchase of a new system 

  • Over $1000 in discounts

  • 12.5% Refrigerant (Freon) discount

  • Priority Call Scheduling Often times we can have your unit repaired before it's uncomfortable in your home.

  • 50% off Duct Cleaning  

  • Annual Comfort Inspections​

    • Checking and replacing air filters if available on site.

    • Test Electrical Connections to ensure safe operations. 

    • Testing key electrical parts to ensure they are operating as designed. 

    • Lubricate moving parts as needed

    • Inspecting, testing, and clearing drains as needed

    • Cleaning Evaporator and Condenser coils as needed

    • Checking refrigerant levels to ensure optimized performance. 

    • Checking for airflow issues

    • Gas furnaces will be evaluated for safe operation.

    • Heat pumps will be evaluated for both heating and proper defrost. 


1 System - $15.00 monthly or $150 Annually

2 Systems - $20.00 monthly or $200 Annually

3 Systems - $25.00 monthly or $250 Annually

* There is a one time $400 per unit fee for the monitoring equipment. This will be installed and charged upon accepting the plan. 


**After the first year there is a $100/unit/year fee for monitoring. 

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